Dear Rotarians,

It has been far too long since my last post and don’t  I know it! Soon, I will be updating you with several posts on several different events, research, and interviews. Here, I just want to let you know about the latest upcoming presentation that I’ll be giving, this time in Warsaw.

My next public presentation will be at the following international conference:

CONFERENCE: Violence and Society International Conference, Warsaw Poland, March 18, 2017 

Below is the abstract accepted for presentation.


The post 9/11 era has known a constant state of conflict that has produced a renewed interest in the question of monotheism and violence. It is often argued that monotheism leads to an intolerance that produces inevitable religious conflict. In this paper, I suggest the opposite by an historical reflection on the roots of modern politics in the Latin Christian response to political violence. With specific attention to North African Christian literature “De patientia” and the martyrdom of Perpetua, I draw attention to the monotheistic logic that produces, in the Latin authors, a politics of tolerance. As a comparative example, I contrast Sayyid Qutb’s meditation on patience with the Latin Christian notion, in order to show the way parallel (even related) monotheistic logics can produce opposite forms of politics. My study concludes that monotheistic thinking does not itself produce a logic of violence, but rather the specific positions adopted within a monotheistic system. For that reason, the probability of any “religion” producing violent behavior depends upon the historical circumstances of its articulation and the specific tenets of its religious concept. With this observation, my intention is to problematize the category of “religion” as a cause of “violence” and promote greater attention to the intellectual, historical, and doctrinal commitments that motivate violent action.



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